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Maintain system responsiveness by managing problematic processes
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Process Lasso is an advanced system utility that dynamically adjusts the processes priority to preserve your system's stability and responsiveness. By default, Windows allows any process to use all your CPU/RAM memory capacities and all your hard disk reading/writing rates. If a malicious process does it, your system may turn totally unresponsive and it may even crash to death. Fortunately, Process Lasso is here to help you avoid all those problems.

The program shows you all the process that are currently running on your system, or just the active ones, and then you can manually adjust their CPU, RAM memory and I/O priority classes, set their maximum number of instances, terminate/restart them, or set any of them to keep always running, among other actions. You can also create your own rules to set your processes' priorities, CPU affinities and power profiles automatically, according to certain conditions. Moreover, the program can be set to kill problematic or hostile processes as soon as they are seen running. Process Lasso also offers you a graph that shows you the CPU usage, system responsiveness and memory load levels in real time.

Of course, all those rules and manual settings may sound too technical for common PC users, but Process Lasso is equally useful for all kinds of users, even for beginners. If you don't have an advanced technical knowledge, you just need to install the program and forget about it, as it will automatically start optimizing your processes and keeping your system running fast and stable, without requiring any intervention on your side. To achieve it, the program uses the so-called ProBalance technology which dynamically adjusts your processes' priorities in order to preserve responsiveness, even during the high system loads.

Another technology used by Process Lasso is called Watchdog, the one that deals with custom rules. Basically, it allows you to automatically apply certain restraints to a process when it reaches any of the configured thresholds. Also, the program uses "SmartTrim", an intelligent RAM manager and optimizer which prioritizes the memory usage among the processes in a fair and friendly way.

Finally, I will mention that Process Lasso brings pre-configured profiles that will be especially interesting for certain kinds of users, namely gamers and audiophiles. The "Gaming Mode" allows gamers to enjoy their favorite games in a smooth and seamless way by prioritizing their processes, but without compromising the system responsiveness or its general performance. As for audiophiles, the program will ensure the performance level they require to fully enjoy their music related tools.

In general terms, Process Lasso is a smart app devoted to preserve your system responsiveness, avoiding slowness and crashes, in all kinds of scenarios. The program is compatible with all versions of Windows available at the moment and you can use it totally free of charge, though some of its features will be unavailable until you buy a license and register it.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Suitable for both beginners and experts
  • Allows you to create your own optimization rules
  • It can automatically kill hostile processes
  • Uses ProBalance and SmartTrim algorithms to silently optimize your system
  • Includes predefined profiles for gamers and audiophiles


  • Poor visual design
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