Process Lasso

Process Lasso

Process Lasso manages your CPU and RAM usage to improve your PC performance
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Far from being yet another task management tool, Process Lasso offers you professional features to optimize your system's RAM and CPU usage. Its high level of flexibility and customization options let you combine the program’s intelligent management algorithms with your own preferences and the specific needs of your system.

Unlike other similar tools that simply cut down the number of active processes to avoid “out-of-memory” crashes whenever a certain threshold is been reached, Process Lasso makes thought-out choices based on your own settings and its above-average intelligent processes. This versatile tool can be used and configured in many different ways depending on your awareness of the way your computer manages tasks, processes, RAM memory, CPU loads, etc. Less experienced users can trustfully leave Process Lasso to take over and manage their system’s performance fully or choose one of the various power plans provided, while those with good performance management skills can even configure the program’s profiles manually.

In between those two extremes you will find a set of highly useful tools that will keep your system doing its best at all times. Thus, Process Lasso comes with a powerful optimization algorithm called ProBalance. It controls “greedy threads” or CPU-hungry processes from using up all CPU power and even choke your OS to death. You can define the priority of well-known CPU-bound threads among Real-Time, High, Above Normal, Below Normal, and Idle. Thus, you can make sure that critical processes always have plenty of room to run smoothly by avoiding less important yet more selfish processes from taking precedence over them. Another excellent feature, and a new one this year, is SmartTrim. The philosophy behind SmartTrim is that RAM memory is there to be used, but wisely. While most memory optimization tools try to improve your system performance by making one hasty and drastic decision after another, SmartTrim is an intelligent RAM optimizer that moves applications in and out of your RAM in a polite and orderly way, always following your own preferences and settings, and never trimming the app your working with.

Process Lasso comes with specific settings for specific CPU uses. One of them is Gaming Mode 2.0, a spin-off of ParkControl (another Bitsum tool that deals with core parking and CPU frequency scaling) that provides a highest performance power plan that in turn gives precedence to your game play over any other processes trying to get on the way. Audiophiles will also find Process Lasso to be of great help when configuring their top-quality Audiophile environments, allowing for the highest effectiveness without losing performance.

The possibilities are endless. In general, they help you make use of your PC and the level of performance you want it to achieve without compromising the processes you consider critical. Process Lasso provides you with all the functionality you need to make this possible in the way that perfectly meets your expectations.

Francisco Martínez
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  • High level of customization and flexibility
  • Good balance between basic and pro options
  • Can be fully automated to manage your PC's performance in the background
  • Selective management of your system's RAM and CPU usage


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