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Process Lasso

A program that helps you optimize the processes that consume your CPU and memory
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Every running process comes with a CPU usage value. The Windows operating system allows them to consume as much memory space and CPU as they need without setting any kind of boundaries or restrictions. This could lead to computer responsiveness issues and other similar problems. But now there is a way to optimize your CPU and memory for a faster and more reliable computer. With this helpful piece of software you can optimize process priorities, select the CPU affinity, select different power schemes and much more. You can set any kind of restrictions that you can think of for each process. You can even terminate or restart processes if they exceed the CPU usage or memory limit that you set.

With the help of its unique feature named ProBalance, this program can optimize almost every single type of process and set boundaries with ease. You just need to configure the parameters and save or export the configuration so you don't have to reconfigure it again.

If you find a process that "eats" too much of the CPU or memory, you also have the possibility of searching the Internet for related problems or information about the selected process.

This program is pretty easy to use if you have some basic knowledge about system processes and their usage. The interface is very easy to use and gives the program a professional look. All the processes are listed along with a great deal of information for each of them. You just have to select the process that needs to be optimized and make the necessary modifications. You can also see if your optimization scheme affects your computer performance with the help of a graph that monitors the processor usage, memory load, responsiveness and process restraints.

Overall, this piece of software can help you improve the performance of your computer by optimizing the processes that consume too much CPU and memory. For an efficient optimization scheme it is necessary that you have some basic knowledge about processes and their usage. It is a great piece of software if used properly.

Tyler Vidd
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  • multiple ways of optimizing CPU and memory
  • possibility of restarting or killing a process if it exceeds the limit CPU or memory


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